The first item below appeared in the Rice Rustler,
Rice, Tex., on September 2, 1910.
The other three items are undated clippings from the papers
of a daughter, Anna Fortson Bartlett, obviously from the Rustler.
Obvious typographical errors have been corrected.
Material in brackets has been added. 
Thanks to Ann Fortson Marcy for providing the photograph.



Mrs. Ida C. Fortson Died Very Suddenly
at Her Home Here Tuesday

Mrs. Ida Fortson died very suddenly at her home here [Rice, Texas] Tuesday afternoon [30 Aug 1910] at 3:30 o'clock, after about an hour's illness.

Mrs. Fortson ate a hearty dinner and seemed to be enjoying the best of health. About 2:30 she was turning the cream freezer, helping the girls make cream for an entertainment which was to have been at her home. She was sitting in a back hall, and noticing the freezer had stopped turning, her daughter, Miss Callie, looked around and Mrs Fortson had fallen over against the wall. Being unable to arouse her, Miss Callie called for help and Will Hodge, who was working in his shop near by, came and helped get her on the bed. Dr Sloan was there in a very few minutes and the children and relatives were notified and many of them were at her bedside in a very short time. Everything that could be done by physicians, and the kind hands of her children and anxious neighbors was done, but to no avail. She closed her eyes in the endless sleep about 3:30, one hour after she was stricken.

Mrs. Fortson was 62 years, 2 months and 6 days old. She is survived by three boys and five girls: J. B., J. T., and Tom Fortson; Mrs Tom Queen, Mrs Rod Bartlett, and Misses Callie and Maggie, of this place, and Mrs. Bob Harper of Corsicana. Miss Maggie Fortson is visiting in Mexico and it was impossible for her to reach here before the burial.

The news of the sudden death of Mrs. Fortson cast a shadow over the entire city and community. Most of her life was spent here and every heart was touched with sympathy for the stricken ones, from whose fireside the light had fled.

Mrs. Fortson had been a member of the Methodist Church about 45 years, and was a devoted christian woman. The funeral services were held at the Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon at 1 oclock, Rev Rogers officiating and paying a beautiful tribute to the memory of deceased. The Casket was covered with the most beautiful floral designs loving fingers ever wrought, all of which spoke of peace, purity and immortality. The music rendered was such as to soften the hearts and moisten all eyes, at the close of funeral services an unusually long procession followed the hearse to Chatfield where she was placed by the side of her husband who had preceded her more than 20 years. All stores, jins [gins], etc, were closed during the funeral.

We can only say to the mourners that she is not dead' but only asleep resting after a long and well spent life here; she would not if she could, return, you will have to go to her. From the life she lived, take an inspiration; go forth to live as she lived, so that when the summons comes, you may says as she could, "all is well."

The Ladies of the Home Missionary Society were honorary pall bearers.

The Rustler extends heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Resolutions of Respect.

It is with sorrowful hearts that we, members of The Womans Home Mission Society, of Haynie Memorial Church of Rice, Texas, record the death of one of our members and loving friend, Mrs. Ida Fortson, who left us Wednesday, August 31st, 1910, to dwell, in the home not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Her passing was sudden and unexpected, and we sincerely offer this tribute of love to her memory:

Whereas, the W. H. M. Society has lost a greatly beloved and most valuable member, and

Whereas, just twenty four hours before her departure she led us to a throne of grace in her own home, and her last words to us were, "Meet in my home every time without asking."

Therefore be it resolved, that, while we shall see her face no more we thank the father for the years she spent among us.

That we extend our heartfelt sympathy to those who loved her best, and commend them to the loving Father who only can comfort his own.

Further, that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family and the Rice Rustler.

Mrs. J. M. Bartlett,
Mrs. J. A. McGee,
Mrs J. R. Collins,
Mrs. J. N. Hawkins,
Mrs. W. D. Haynie,


We wish to express our sincere thanks to our many friends for their kind assistance rendered during the recent illness and death of our dear mother, Mrs. Ida C. Fortson.

May the day be far distant when any of you shall experience such sadness and separation.

The Family.


The Rustler has received the following letter from R. P. Dukeminier at Quanah:

Quanah, Texas, Sept. 4, 1910

Dear Warner:

The Rustler brought the sad news of Mrs. Fortson's death. The family has my sympatny. When death lays its icy hands on a mother like this, it seems to be beyond endurance. I have been associated with the family for seventeen years and never had better friends.

Kind words can never die;
Cherished and blest,
God knows how deep they lie;
Stored in the breast.

R. P. Dukeminier.