Tips on Using This Site

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The image on a Person Page is usually a thumbnail view of a larger picture. The larger image can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail. You may want to do that, as usually the detail is much better in the larger picture.

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Please tell me if you encounter a broken link on this site.

Sources of Information

I researched some of this information, and some of it was provided by others. No doubt some of it is wrong or at least disputed. ALWAYS VERIFY THE INFORMATION TO SATISFY YOURSELF.

I continue to add source citations as I have time.

If you've got data I don't have, or pictures, obituaries, clippings, or other information, please consider sharing them with me for this site.

Also please let me know if you have information that conflicts with what I have published here.

Offensive Material

Sentiment expressed in some material on this site will offend some readers. The material is provided to help us see what those times and places were like and not to promote, endorse, or glorify those ideas.

Privacy for Living Persons

In an effort to deter identity thieves, I have tried to limit the information on this site to persons who are no longer alive. That's why you won't find yourself mentioned here (unless I thought you were dead!) but perhaps you'll see information about your grandparents.