This short biography was published in
History of Navarro County [Texas]* in 1933.


J. L. Halbert was one of the pioneer lawyers in Corsicana, coming to Texas after his graduation from the University of Mississippi about the year 1858. He was captain of a company during the Civil War and after returning was also a partner of R. Q. Mills until Col. Mills was elected to Congress in 1872. Capt. Halbert enjoyed a large practice and in 1873 was voted the most popular man in Navarro County and given a gold-headed cane.

Judge Halbert is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Groce of Waxahachie, Mrs. Roseborough of Marshall and Mrs. J. K. Parr of Hillsboro as well as one son, J. L. Halbert, Jr. (Josh Halbert died in 1930). His son followed in his father's footsteps, being not only an outstanding lawyer but highly respected citizen of the community.

*History of Navarro County (Dallas, Tex.: Southwest Press, 1933), pp. 259-60.